The Pubs


Cawood’s population peaked in 1865.

In 1867 trade directories show the population  at 1254.

Many people came to the village using the ferry to cross the River Ouse.

There were eight public house and three beer retailers to keep this thriving business village from going thirsty!!

THE FERRY INN in King Street also known as the COMMERCIAL INN still open.

FERRY BOAT INN on the York side of Cawood Bridge. The house is still there Inn closed 1871 just before the bridge opened in 1872

JOLLY SAILOR in the Market Place sometimes called the Jolly Tar, still open.

ANCHOR INN in the Market Place now closed.

THOMSON ARMS in the High Street closed now two houses.

RED LION in the High Street closed 1910 and was cycle shop until the 1950’s

CASTLE INN in Wistowgate still open

DON JUAN in Low Road  believed to have been named after a racehorse owned by John Henry Wormald. Closed around 1910.

MAYPOLE INN in Wistowgate closed 1930 then became a café, currently a Bed and Breakfast

BLACKSMITH ARMS in Rythergate closed late 1950.

BAY HORSE on Bishopdyke Road now closed. Houses have been built on the site

During the next seventy five years the population and the public houses declined to a low in 1940 when only six public houses and one beer retailer had to satisfy the needs of 940 people.

The industrial revolution most likely was the cause of this drastic drop as people left to fill the ever the increasing needs of the industrial towns.

The slow decline of drinking establishments continued until in the present time, there are now only three public houses left, the Jolly Sailor, Ferry Inn and Castle plus a caravan park to cater for the needs of Cawood people, lets hope they don’t go too thirsty!!

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