Archaeological Digs

Edward filming Garth Dig 2008 017In 2008 and 2009 we were given permission to do 6 test pits on the Castle Garth.

To do this we needed to apply for Scheduled Monument consent from English Heritage.

No one is allowed to dig on the site without this special permission

The mole, however, digs on the site and often leaves behind small artefacts mostly brick and tile in the molehills.

From time to time we do look in the mole hills (called Molehill sifting) but only under the guidance of a qualified Archaeologist. Each bag of finds are properly recorded for future reference.

Edward Croot has recorded our test pit digging in the video below

a final effort to finish Garth Dig 2008 192

Finishing the test pit near the Bishopdyke 2008

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