Ecology of Keesbury

A Great Crested Newt survey was carried out by a qualified Ecologist last May. He recorded and photographed newts living on Keesbury. The pond on the site is not suitable for breeding but close by is the Castle Garth pond which has been classed as excellent for this purpose.


An Ecological Survey will be carried out this year 2015 to determine the plants and animals that live on the site.

The owner has already recorded some plants, beetles and butterflies.

In 1933 a document states the land was known as “The Gooseberries”

A map of the site shows the gooseberry bushes in the blue area surrounding the moated area

3.cropped gooseberry map

Flowers on Keesbury 2015

Germander Speedwell                               Sand Leek

???????????????????????????????    sand leek

Pink Campion                                                        Pignut Conopodium

???????????????????????????????      ???????????????????????????????

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