Guidelines for brick recording

Below are two documents to assist you in recording bricks

If you are interested in helping to record the bricks in the buildings in the village please use the PDF files below

You can do this 2 ways:

  • Make a paper copy of the recording on the questionnaire provided below and give this to a member of the Castle Garth Group who will put it on the online survey
  • or complete the on-line survey. The required information will need to be written out first on the questionnaire to enable you to complete the questions on the computer

Please read these first guidelines first


This is the questionnaire to complete for either the paper survey or the on-line survey please print the required number of copies

Each feature will need recoding on a separate page


Contact the garth group using the email below if you require more questionnaires or help with your recording

Recording bricks in Cawood

This year with the help of Sandra Garside-Neville  a well known brick expert from York we are recording the bricks to date the buildings, to see if we can find ones made in the village and to find similarities between the buildings

If you would be interested in helping us record the bricks in your house and others please get in touch by email

I will post instructions and a questionnaire (paper version) and an online survey for you to complete

The village  buildings have an amazing collection of mostly hand made bricks. The earliest building apart from the church (which is built from Limestone ) is the brick building attached to the Castle Gatehouse

Built around 1440 by Archbishop Kempe, it is the only surviving brick building on the castle site

A heavily restored building. It was hard to find an original piece of wall….lots of infill where doorways had been and the filled in again.

This brick was found last week and I am not sure if someone has “planted ” it there to fool us!

The brick was found right up against the wall of the banqueting hall and letters can be seen in the “frog” of the brick   “Yorkshire castle” Can’t help thinking this is a set up! Rather a strange coincidence if its not a set up!!!

When the mortar was removed that had been covering the remaining words…. it read “Yorkshire Brick Co  Castleford”



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