Trench 7


Jon, Jenny & Alison cleaning up the trench

This trench was postioned close to the hedge in the entrance to Keesbury to see if there was any evidence for the small house that used to be on the site until the 1980’s (see photograph on Home page)

Across the middle of the trench a series of stones appeared after a heavy downpour of rain.

A few of these were excavated and there are two rows of blocks of magnesian limestone making a narrow trench lined with  a few terracotta roof tiles with large flat limestone in the base. This was thought to be the foundations of the small building but looks more like a narrow drain…..could be medieval?


More work to be done cleaning out the rest of the stones this week

The culvert or drain follows a curved line which can clearly be seen on the Geophys

Close by there is evidence of collapsed wall. The main part of the building is probably in the grass between trench 1 and trench 7. Just our luck to miss it completely

The whole of the drain in the trench has been excavated now and consists of a mixture of limestone, bricks, tiles and one large cobble.

It’s possible there was a cap on the drain as 1 terracotta tile was found on top of the stones halfway along.

It seems to be sitting on the medieval clay layer not cutting through it.

whole drain

Whole drain


Tour of trench 7 on open day in October 2015

January 2016


Trench 7 has almost filled in with water the drain is just visible

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