Launch of the Gooseberry leaflet

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Children and helpers with new booklet about gooseberries in Cawood

kids photo

Contributors to the project

Cover pictures

front cover            back cover

pages 1-2                                                                          pages 3-4


pages 3-4

pages 9-10 pages 5-6

pages 7-8      pages 7-8                                         

pages 11-12  pages 13-14

pages 9-10                                                        pages 11-12

The children at Cawood school have drawn the illustrations and between us we have discovered Cawood’s fruit growing heritage

Copies are available in the school and hopefully will try and see if we can have some in the Post Office

These pictures were designed and drawn by the children from years 4 & 5 in Cawood school during their research into gooseberry growing in the village in 2015

Ruby Mannion     Ruby Mannion 2

Olivia & Mia     Unknown 2

UnknownOlivia & Mia2

Sienna Sykes 2     Noah

Sienna Sykes     Grace Howarth.

Niamh Thorpe 2     Niamh Thorpe

Noah 2     name not known 2

Olivia & Mia     name not known

Mitchell Guffey       Mitchall guffey2

Mia & Olivia Roberton     Mia & Olivai Roberton 2

Mattthew S 2     Matthew S    Lydia bulleyment oral history

Lydia Bulleyment history 2     Lydia Bulleyment & Courtney

Luke Robson 2     Luke robson

Lee Toone 2     Lee Toone

Joe Ibbotson 2     Joe ibbotson

Jack Craven 2      J J 2

Grace Howarth2

Gabi & Chloe Wright 2    Gabi & Chloe Wright

Frankie Watson 2    Frankie Watson

Ebony 2     Ebony

Courtney2      Courtney

Chloe Wright & gabrielle      Chloe Wright 7 gariella2

Caleb2    Caleb

Bailey bedford 2     Bailey Bedford

Alice Trainer      Alice 2

AliceRuby Mannion 2

Aiden Jones    Aiden JOnes 2

J J      Grace Howarth

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