Forth coming Dig

Our new dig dates will be 8th October to the 19th October

Open day is 13th October 2019

If you would like to join us get in touch and choose your days

See Forthcoming Events page for more details of Booklet and link to video

keesbury Hall leaflet

In the end the water took almost the 6 months to go from the trenches. I had hoped that we could do a little more digging in trench 1 but this was where the water waswater connecting to moat

at its highest. The photograph shows the view across the site when the water was high.

There is a new Face Book page Heritage of Cawood if you would like to be a member ?

I will try to update it each day. Our last page had problems

The trenches are beginning to dry out Trench 4 near the gate has the sand showing through as has trench 7 further in.

Trench 1 is still holding a lot of water. This is the trench we could do a little more work on if it ever dries out!

Trench 3 is still in the moat

Still the water keeps rising

It is now over 4months since the trenches filled with water and it continues to rise

It’s interesting to see where the water features would have been in the past as the current water table is showing the high and low points of the site

The moat is quite wide now and trench 3 has disappeared altogether

I don’t know when we can get back in to fill the holes with soil

This is trench 1 and someone has been building a bridge during the Easter holidays The wood was snapped so hope no one was hurt

Lucky they did not suffer worse!

The land is private, the gate is locked and there are deep excavation signs. I don’t know what else can be done.

Just hoping for a spell of dry weather!


The remains of an early sand dune. This sand was used on the site to build up the  level of the platform near the moat

Can be seen in Trench 1


Level 1079 is 9th – 12th century (identified by dating the pottery found here)

We found a large quantity of what looked like wild boar bones and wondered if there had been a Viking feast.

Sadly, I think it was a rubbish pit that we had found…..but we can always hope!

If the water level goes down it would be good to look at this pit again.

The Heritage Lottery have agreed an extension to our project until the end of June 2016 to enable the site to dry out before we fill in the trenches.


Jon Kenny and contractor  discussing filling in trench 3

If this happens soon we might be able to do some more excavating to finish the 3 areas which were overwhelmed when the water table rose.

If you are interested in helping please let me know via the web site

Since Xmas the river Ouse has been steadily rising to the record level of 2000 of 7.90 metres

We have wall to wall water. On Keesbury we can see the original moat which is now filled with water. The trenches are full of water so they cannot be filled in until the levels go right down. The owner of the site has 5 swimming pools in her back garden now.

This is the moat trench 3.The water has extended out of the trench into the moat and is very deep

trench 3 full

Trench 1

trench 1 full

We have finished digging now

Had a party for the volunteers who did the excavations

group piccropped

This is the cake I made with my daughter Helen for the party

It represents our dig with Jon Kenny in yellow Joyce Payne in blue and Margaret in red

ful view cake

It shows the dig site made from fondant icing

Finished the dig

The weather has beaten us .All the trenches are full of water

This is trench 3 which was dug partly in the moat.

The water has overflowed on to the grass at the end of the trench


Sadly we are coming to the end of the digJon Kenny with Brian MarshJon Kenny with Brian Marsh

Three days left this week

Last week we made even more discoveries

Possibly a pottery kiln or oven and beam slots and the robbed out foundations of the “Folly” building

Great News…………..Jon Kenny with Brian Marsh

Our archaeologist Dr Jon Kenny has been awarded the honour of

Community Archaeologist of the Year 2015Jon Kenny with Brian Marsh 

in a ceremony in London this week from the British Council for Archaeology

Picture shows Jon with Brian Marsh who made the award

Jon Kenny with Brian Marsh jpeg

jon for newspaper

I am proud to say we helped with the recommendation of Jon for this award

Jon Kenny with Brian MarshJon Kenny with Brian Marsh

We shall soon have finished our Keesbury Project

If you would like to join us for session of digging  in a muddy hole time is running out

Only a few days left and that is dependent on dry weather

End of Grant Celebration

Jon speaking grant end do

Regardless of the wet weather at the start of the day we had a great turn out to our end of grant celebration for our Keesbury Heritage project

For more information look under Keebury/Archaeology

A reminder that on Saturday 24th October from 1pm to 4pm

Open day at the school

There will be displays of finds, gooseberry pies and lots more to see and do including a guided tour of the dig site.

Hope to see you there?

Edward Croot has sent us a link to his Cawood sword video

see Castle Garth history/ cawood sword

Weather looks better today…so hope to dig 16th September

It’s been a beautiful day We have made a lot of progress

Please come along if you wish to check it out

TOO WET TO DIG TODAY 15th September

We would like know what you think about our dig?

If you would like to comment on the dig please leave the message at the bottom of the page

American Cawoods visit Keesbury

Marvin and Bobby Cawood with their family visited the site last week

We were delighted to meet them and they had the guided tour!

Marvin Cawood is the first “Cawood” to stand where his medieval ancestors walkedCawood family

Cawood family on Keesbury Manor site

Check out Keesbury archaeology for a summary of the dig so far

We were pleased to welcome Mr Nigel Adams, our local MP to our dig on Wednesday 19th August at 2pm

He had a tour of the site and tea with the volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to help with our dig on Keesbury Manor, Cawood ….a site which has not been excavated before


Confirmed dates are:

Meet at 9.30-10 am for briefing before starting at 10 am until 4pm

at 15 Broad Lane,Cawood…close to Cawood school

Tuesday 15th & Wednesday, 16th & Thursday 17th Sept.
Monday 21st September Tuesday 22 nd Sept.
 6th & 7th October
It’s possible if we find anything of interest we could extend these dates for extra days
We need about 4 people for each trench so it’s not essential everyone comes to every dig
We do need extra volunteers on the 19th – 22nd dates as this trench is 3 times larger than the other trenches
to book a place contact us on:


Gooseberry growing in Cawood

Gooseberries-hero-3234afa9-1df8-4105-9654-23b62411f06d-0-472x310We are looking for information about Gooseberry and fruit growing in Cawood

If you currently have a Gooseberry bush and other fruit in your garden could you let us know please?

We would like to plot onto a modern map the position of fruit trees etc in the village today

We also would like to mark on the map where the Gooseberries were growing in Victorian times

If you have any Gooseberry related information please leave a message below or


or watch out for us near the church with maps to fill in at the Craft Fair

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